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Ovo Cal meno

OVO CALTM Meno is a new generation food supplement with intended use for supplementation of calcium for women during and after menopause.
PACKING: 20 capsules
INDICATIONS: Completely metabolic absorbable calcium in carbonate form.
COMPOSITION: One capsule calcium carbonate from natural organic origin contains 350 mg calcium. White gelatin capsules.
HOW TO USE: Recommended dose: for women in and after menopause 1 (one) capsule per day. Take OVO CAL Meno with food. With OVO CAL Meno regularly drink water during the day.
EXPIRY DATE: 3 years

  • 100% natural source of calcium
  • 20 daily doses
  • FVA approved
  • Organic origin
  • HACCP & ISO certified
Ovo Cal menoQuantity (piece)Dimensions (cm)Bar Code
HB* (capsules)204.5 x 4.5 x 65319991797093
TB* (HB)19238 x 28 x 24
Palette (TB)4080 x 120 x 125
Expiration date3 years

*TB - transport boxes

*HB - hromo box(single pack)


499 mkd

*5% VAT included in price
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