Our story

Speed of urban living imposes dynamic of functioning in which the human is incapable of protecting himself from the harmfulness of the pollution that is created with his movement through the city quarters, by doing his everyday activities. That same pollution returns back into the human organism through: air that is inhaled, food and liquids ingested. This is why contemporary consumer has developed consciousness for using products which have natural and organic origin, partially developed, without any chemical additives, and have proven benefits for the human health. These products are easily recognized by the consumer and are being especially requested and sought both on the domestic and foreign market.
Determination of Bionovel Plus doo is through maximum utilization of its own capacities to carefully select natural ingredients which are most benefitial for use in the human organism. Guided by our care for human health, our goal is to produce assortment of food supplements which have: natural composition (without additional compounds), organic origin, huge benefit for the human organism, and to be developed and processed in controlled environment which will ensure that they are safe and secure for use.

The story about BIONOVEL PLUS begun in 2017 when the knowledge and experience was combined in order to create company that will embrace creativity, innovation and nature.
Our main focus is to find valuable ingredients from the nature and make them available for the general population. Our product range includes all natural food supplements as well as specially created products for medical use.
Our main objective is to find the best ingredients in nature, to create innovative procedures to preserve is nutritional quality and finally to package them for easy use. We are ISO 9001 and HACCP certified.

Supported by the Fund for innovations and technology development of the republic of Macedonia.


Our VISION is to bring natural nutrients back in to people’s lifes using innovative production processes. We are committed to use all natural products and to reduce the processing technics as much as possible so as to bring the nature back to modern people life.


Our MISSION is to discover and create innovative products that will improve lives of people around the world.


Our values guide us through everything that we do and serve as foundation of trust and respect to our colleagues, stakeholders and communities.

Our core values include:
  • Policy for premium quality products
  • Innovation and creativity in all processes
  • Flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of the stakeholders
  • Striving to develop zero waste processes
  • Ethical conduct within the company and in general practice
  • Continuous lifelong learning policies
  • Care for healthy and sustainable environment